Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle is the best newspaper ever

My office colleagues know that – while I am generally easygoing – I am demanding on one point: The office copy of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle always must start on my desk. I’m so tired to newspapers that bore us with articles about faraway countries with names like Djibouti. The only deficit I’m interested in is the deficit of interesting newspapers.

But the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle is never dull. From the hot pink masthead on down, this is no “Gray Lady” (as The New York Times is known).

So I tore into the February edition with the gusto of a starving man at Country Buffet. Would there be a further exploration of “Dive Bar Divas?” More about the “Cherry Creek Valley’s most notorious former police officer and safecracker?” A return of reportage about the “Female Submission Wrestler?”

(It did not escape my notice that The Denver Post ran stories about the first two of those topics well after the Chronicle's coverage was published.)

Imagine my excitement to see my prediction reprinted that the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle would retroactively get the Public Service Pulitzer for its cougar bar series. There was ace reporter Laura Lief anticipating the feel of the gold medal and Ed Thomas – the toughest editor since J. Jonah Jameson tortured Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle – fearlessly challenging media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

Who says newspapers are dying?


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