Friday, October 26, 2012

Brandon Zelasko Promoted to Director of Interactive Services

As the person who set up our agency’s first dial-up modem so that we could log on to AOL, it gives me great satisfaction to see how far we've come in incorporating digital strategies into our portfolio of communications approaches.

While there has been progress throughout the 16 years since then, this all accelerated dramatically when Brandon Zelasko joined the firm two years ago.

Brandon, who hails from San Diego, came to SE2 from a large national interactive firm and he immediately helped us raise our game. He’s always looking over the edge to see how we can use technology to communicate more effectively, as this presentation that he delivered to the Northwest Public Power Association demonstrates. With his help, we plan not just for the next year but also consider how our strategies must evolve five and 10 years from now.

Brandon also has remarkable focus, discipline and motivation, which helps him to get quickly up to speed on the diverse and complicated issues we address and to balance a wide range of responsibilities. We joke that if Brandon were stranded alone on a desert island, he’d be up at dawn the first day organizing coconuts and planting palm saplings.

For these reasons and more, Brandon has earned his new title of Director of Interactive Services at SE2. We’re thrilled that he’s chosen to continue to grow within our firm – and to help SE2 grow along with him.   

- Eric Anderson

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